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Bullet length comparison
Photos: Conservation Media © 2013
Monolithic bullets are longer than lead core bullets of the same weight.  Longer bullets may react differently, depending on the twist rate of your barrel.   Choosing a lighter non-lead option will result in a similar length and performance to the lead bullets you are used to.
Polymer tips


Many non-lead bullets have a polymer tip.  The tip covers a large hollow point, which helps initiate rapid expansion.  Tipped bullets are great options for lighter game.  Some bullets without a polymer tip are marketed for delayed expansion and increased penetration.  Delayed penetration isn’t generally needed in deer sized game.

Different brands

Diff brands

Dif brands
Every gun handles ammunition differently.  Try different brands or different bullet configurations to find out which works best in your gun and for your hunt. 
Sighting in




Sight in.  As with any ammo, take time to sight in.  Non-lead ammunition is extremely accurate but may shoot to a different point of impact in comparison to lead ammo.  Know your ammo before you head into the field. 

Deer sections Shot placement is everything.  Aim for areas that use the advantages of non-lead.  Non-lead bullets benefit from going through tough tissues and fluid filled organs.  Aim for the front end of the vitals to maximize expansion and increase the chances of breaking the shoulder.  Non-lead bullets should easily crush the bone in deer-sized game.

Non-lead online For the best prices and availability, Shop Online.  Non-lead bullets can also be found in many local gun stores and sporting goods retailers.  If your bullet size is unavailable at the local store, try buying ammunition online.  Most states and cities allow sportsmen to buy ammunition online.  It is an easy process and often yields the best prices and availability.  If this is not an option, most retail stores will special order ammunition.  Just be sure to order ahead of time.


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